Even flowering, a very dry, hot early summer, a month of August with an oceanic climate and a month of September combining rain and sun produced a fine vintage and generous harvest. As is often the case, the blend of Lamothe-Bergeron is balanced between Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The texture is rich, charming and silky, without overdoing the concentration. Sugary blackcurrant notes announce a most promising vintage of great ripeness.

The mild weather enjoyed in mid-June created good conditions for flowering. Hot, dry weather set in from late August onwards, lasting until late October, allowing us to take our time and wait for each plot of vines to ripen. The Merlot harvests were completed between 22 September and 7 October, with the Cabernet Sauvignon being picked from 10 to 15 October. The 2014 is a charming vintage, borne up by wonderful freshness with blackcurrant and red fruit notes and a hugely ample richness. The finish is elegant and consistent with what this estate is all about.

In some years you thank the weather. In 2013 we had to thank our terroir. More than ever before, we were aware that the deep layers of gravel we are lucky enough to own ensure that the finesse of the wine is brought out with great regularity. Charming, distinguished and fresh, 2013 stands out for its perfect balance. The colour is brilliant and the tannins silky, fine and full, enhanced by lovely notes of cabernet-sauvignon, cassis, cherry and spices.

2012 will go down in memory as a very late year. After an unsteady start to the summer, the period from late July to the end of September was stunning. The grapes managed to reach full ripeness. Picking started on 5 October and came to an end on 17 October. A short but intense harvest! 2012 is a high-quality vintage. The wine is remarkably clean and fruity, boasting an intense colour and spicy notes. It has the structure and balance of a great wine.

2011 – the early year. This is what best defines this outstanding vintage. Harvesting started on 8 September with the merlots and came to an end on 24 September with the cabernet-sauvignons. In a year boasting exceptional weather conditions, responsiveness to the vines, application and attention to detail were the key words. One thing is for certain: 2011 is a high-quality and very promising wine.

After 2009 brought a wine with an exotic quality, 2010 is a great classic vintage. The summer was particularly fine, but not excessively hot. There was also plenty of sunshine throughout the late autumn, but the nights were quite cool. The tannins of the seeds are even more mature than in 2009 and acidity a little more marked, auguring well for a vintage that will be great for laying down.
Beautifully deep and intense in colour, this wine offers red fruit notes and a woody quality that is perceptible but not too acute. In the mouth, it has a very direct, concentrated profile, great body and up-front, fleshy tannins, but with a long finish.

2009 was the first vintage to bear the Hubert de Boüard hallmark and it will go down in the history of the estate. July and August were magnificent, hot but not excessively so and with just the right amount of rainfall. These perfect weather conditions continued into September and October, with a succession of cool nights and hot days. These dream conditions allowed harvesting to be timed to perfection, with grapes picked from each plot just as they reached peak maturity. The wines have a beautiful, very intense colour. On the palate they are full-bodied, pure and juicy, with a very long finish. They express vigour and style.

This vintage was harvested later than any other over the past decade. Despite the vagaries of climate, a combination of some assiduous work and a moderate harvest (43 hl/ha) produced a wine of a more than satisfactory quality. These wines are promising, balanced, highly coloured and pleasantly fruity.

he very good climatic conditions experienced from late August onward allowed us to start the grape harvest with the promise of a high-quality wine. This allows us to anticipate balanced, highly-coloured and fruity wines that are naturally low in alcohol.

The beautiful sunny weather prevailing from April onward helped the grapes to mature. By August, the grapes were already yielding sweet tastes and promising aromas. The 2006 vintage really has great potential. It has all the attributes to be concentrated and to be suitable for cellaring. A great classic!

2005 will leave the memory of a top-quality vintage. From winter through to autumn the climate was exceptionally dry, while the late spring and summer were warm and sunny, but without excessively high temperatures. This wine is concentrated and distinguished: highly coloured and bursting with fruit, its tannins are powerful yet not astringent. A great Cabernet Sauvignon vintage!

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Nove means “in a new manner” in Latin. Since 2014, this wine has been a limited edition symbolising the renaissance of Château Lamothe-Bergeron. Cabernet and Petit Verdot grapes selected on our very finest plots of vines make this the rarest and most elegant of wines after 18 months of maturing in oak barrels. 4,200 bottles should be produced in 2015.

Nove is the Latin word for ‘innovative’. Since 2014, this limited edition has symbolised the renaissance of Château Lamothe-Bergeron. Nove is made in very small quantities using a significant proportion of Petit Verdot, with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot completing the blend. It is matured for 18 months in new barrels. 2014 is the first Nove vintage. It reveals exceptional depth with an intense, almost black appearance and a multitude of ripe fruit. Truly a wine for laying down.

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